Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

When you suffer from substance abuse, it may seem as if you're all alone in your fight to overcome your dependency. Fortunately, drug treatment can help you recover from your addiction and live the life you deserve.

Do I have a substance abuse problem?

Substance abuse can be an issue whether you started using drugs recreationally or became addicted to a prescription medication prescribed to treat pain. Symptoms of substance abuse include:
  • Relationship Difficulties: Do you have arguments about your drug use with your parents, spouse, children, or friends?
  • Tolerance Level: As your body adjusts to the drug, you may need to take higher amounts or take the drug more often to feel normal or even to sleep.
  • Job Issues: Do you miss work occasionally, have trouble performing everyday tasks, or been fired due to your drug use?
  • Inability to Function Without the Drug: If you have a substance abuse problem, it will be impossible to get through a week, or even a day, without taking the drug.
  • Lack of Interest in Usual Activities: As your drug use consumes your life, you may give up hobbies or spend less time with families or friends.
  • Blackouts and Flashbacks: Do you have trouble remembering what you did last night? Both blackout and flashbacks are signs of substance abuse.
  • Aches and Pains: It's not unusual to feel sick or achy when you stop taking drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can cause muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Illegal Activities: Have you ever committed a crime to get enough money to purchase a drug or obtained an illegal prescription for a medication? Participating in illegal activities is common if you're addicted to a drug.

How can drug treatment help me?

A drug treatment program can help you give up drugs and resist the urge to begin using again. At our clinic in Lubbock, TX we help you safely and gradually withdraw from drugs with methadone and suboxone treatment. These drugs fool receptors in the brain into thinking that you're continuing to take opioids. Although your brain thinks you're still using drugs, you don't become high from these medications. Methadone or suboxone treatment used in conjunction with behavioural treatment is very effective in treating substance abuse and can help prevent relapses
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